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Colorado Barn


On back road from to Denver to Palmer Lake yesterday. On my way to work with Bob Anderson on 40th anniversary edition of his book Stretching, which will include stretches for “tech neck,” the poor posture people have developed by using cell phones. (Look around at posture of people on their phones.)

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Cordwood Cabin on British Columbia Island

Cordwood cabin built by Gary and Marlene Cooper on a small island in British Columbia. All the cordwood came off the beach. It’s a double-wall technique; there is an inner and an outer wall, each 4″ thick, with the cavity in between insulated with cedar sawdust created when cutting the blocks. More photos in Builders of the Pacific Coast.

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Old Log Cabin in Nevada

I’m going through old photos now. This was somewhere in a remote part of Nevada. Look at the excellent joints. A little beauty, perfect proportions (ignoring the add-on at the back).

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German Tiny Houses from the ’50s

Dear Lloyd,

I enjoy your books and your blog very much! Thanks for that!

I just found the German book Kleinsthäuser, Ferienhäuser, Bungalows from 1959. I have never heard the term “Kleinsthäuser” which means tiny houses, so I was surprised to see that.

I attach a few pictures because I thought you might find it interesting. The first ones are showing a portable house and the second batch “Heidelberger Wochenendhaus,” i.e., Heidelberger weekend home, shows an interesting tiny house designed by two Germans.

The last picture shows two houses that were built according to a method developed in the USA in which the car is parked under the house, which is on stilts.

Kind regards,
Petra (Hegenbart)

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